Thursday, January 28, 2021

"The Electric Black," is Becoming a Horror Cartoon on Adult Swim


I used to watch Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block all the time. I would watch basically every weird show, the good and the bad. I watch some of the shows still, but not always all of them. I am intrigued to hear that, "The Electric Black," from SCOUT Comics is going to become a show on Adult Swim in partnership with another IP developer, Starburns Industries. I've read some issues of, "The Electric Black," and its mini-series and have liked what I've seen. It is a horror anthology comic so different episodes could have a different tale. A bit like, "Tales From the Crypt," in its live-action and cartoon incarnations. 

The press release gives the general overview the show may have, focusing on the cursed antique shop known as, "The Electric Black," and how different items from the store will impact partons of the shop--e.g. different items will lead to different episodes, I gather. This should be pretty fun once it comes out and I'll tune-in for sure as someone who has enjoyed a lot of Adult Swim over the years and is a fan of horror-themed entertainment.

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