Sunday, January 10, 2021

"Kings & Queens," By Ava Max is Total Trash

 Ava Max has one passable song titled, "Sweet but Pyscho." She has a new hit titled, "Kings & Queens, " which is absolutely terrible. It sounds like some overproduced sludge with a vaguely techno-medieval vibe. Her lyrics are vapid on it, rhyming about swords as a thinly-veiled metaphor for a penis and weaksauce girl-power proclamations about how she's there for Queens, "Fighting alone," which seems more like an empty gesture than actual support for go-getting women. 

There is, of course, a bridge with a loud guitar shredding that sounds like something from a shitty Medival Times knock-off that wants to have the dullest and most inoffensive rock band ever playing. The song is going for an epic tonal quality, but is just awful. Oh, and I watched the music video when I embedded it into this post above and it looks like the most low-budget, "Game of Thrones," imitation ever full of imagery that makes no sense--is there a chessboard because that has kings and queens? What's with the parrot? Who knows? I don't hate all of today's new popular music, I'm not just some grouchy old man. This is garbage, though.


  1. Honestly, Ava Max's music in general is just garbage. She's an industry plant that makes boring a cookie cutter pop music that panders to edgy 12yr olds. Her live performances are terrible, her songwriting skills are horrible, and her voice is annoying as hell, she sounds like a crying wolf. Musicians like Charli XCX, Kim Petras, Allie X, Sigrid, and Alice Chater are MILES better than her, yet they don't get enough credit. It sucks that the public would just eat up shitty, generic, and boring pop music.

  2. This song is an ode to the patriarchy, which is hilarious because the artist was clearly going for the opposite effect. "If all if the kings had their queens on their thrones, we would.... raise a toast to all of the queens who are fighting alone". Soooo wwomen need to be put on their thrones by men in order that we may then celebrate the women whom have not yet been lifted (by men) to their throne? Surely this is not the effect she was looking for... dont even get me started on the "sword" part..