Thursday, January 14, 2021

Cryptocurrency Still Isn't a Risk I'd Take

Back on Christmas Eve of 2017, I expressed my hesitancy about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Digital money that doesn't, "Exist," in a physical sense and has no assets to back it up results in something highly volatile. As Medium observed in a new article by James Surowiecki, "The Bitcoin Dream Is Dead." At least, it is in the sense of one aspect. People aren't actually using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to actually buy and sell things. They simply buy and sell the cryptocurrency itself and hoard it like an asset. Bitcoin is treated more like gold these days in that it is bought and held--the difference being gold is an actual thing you can hold with a real value--cryptocurrency just kinda-sorta exists. 

Bitcoin is always volatile, reaching new highs and then crashing down double digits of percentage points. Other cryptocurrency options exist that maybe are better for buying and selling actual goods, but they lack as much popularity. Even though more and more apps are making it possible to invest in these digital monies (PayPal has added features, for example), I still just don't trust cryptocurrency as an investment. It all just still seems like a house of cards that could collapse someday without warning for those who didn't sell their cryptocurrency assets in time for actual cash. Plus, good luck if you ever forget your password to access your money.

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