Wednesday, June 24, 2020

"Hardspace: Shipbreaker," Looks Like a Delightfully Relaxing Game of Deconstruction

Currently in Early Access (e.g. it isn't officially done but is playable), "Hardspace: Shipbreaker," is a very relaxing game where you break-down old spaceships. There are no crazy alien invasions or wild gunfights, you just float around in space using all your tools to carefully take apart ships that have been floating above Earth for centuries. You save the valuable parts and dispose of the junk whilst being careful not to blow anything up what-with still active pressurization in some ships, half-full fuel tanks, and the like. I've often seen it described as, "Zen," along with pretty humorous thanks to some commentary on how you're working for a big corporation that is basically cleaning-up a mess other corporations caused.

My computer isn't nearly powerful enough to play, "Hardspace: Shipbreaker," but perhaps once it is complete it will see release on a console such as the PS4 or Nintendo Switch. With the positive early buzz, it'd make sense to have it possible for everyone interested to play it once it is finished. I'd for sure like to give it a try because it looks serene, beautiful, and fun.

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