Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The (Now Former) Executive Director of the CBLDF Had a History of Sexual Assault

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization that helps provide legal assistance and money in comic-related cases. Should someone be prosecuted for making or selling a comic that is judged, "Obscene," or if a person is sued for making a political comic, the CBLDF is dedicated to defending them. It sounds great, and as far as I knew the CBLDF was a solid organization. Then again, I clearly know very little as more and more harsh truths come to light lately about people in the comic-book, "Scene." Apparently, the Executive Director of the CBLDF, Charles Brownstein, was/is a sexual predator. He had a history of sexual assault that the CBLDF apparently was aware of and which had begun coming to light as public knowledge recently/was being talked about more openly. This resulted in many people pulling their support for the CBLDF and now Brownstein has resigned from his position/ he may have been forced out, it is unclear.

This is a huge mess and the CBLDF is rightfully receiving a lot of flak. Their public statements about all this have been vague and barely addressed the issue at hand too. The CBLDF has done a lot of great work, but this is a huge fiasco for sure. I do hope the agency can recover and rebuild as it helps a lot of people, but man, this is an ugly look for it currently.

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