Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Wait, I'm Not the Only One Who Had a Loud PS4?

I thought maybe I was unique, or too sensitive. My PlayStation 4 sometimes just seemed so loud. Watching DVD movies wasn't too bad, but games would make it holler. Apparently, it is a known concern! It turns out PS4 consoles can be pretty loud, but there are ways to address it. One big one is to dust them--something I learned the hard way once when my PS4 quit reading discs at all and it turned out all the dust inside it had ruined that part (a common occurrence too).

There are other steps you can take that are more in-depth, but just dusting the darn thing can help it. Having noticed how much it helps, make sure you dust it. Also, sometimes games just make it loud, there is little that can be done about it if you're playing your games off a disc as opposed to a digital download. That's just life, but at least we aren't alone in battling a PS4 that sounds like an enraged vacuum cleaner.

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