Tuesday, April 14, 2020

"Say So," by Doja Cat is Relentlessly Catchy

I've been a fan of Doja Cat since I first heard her viral hit, "Mooo!" which was made more as a joke than anything, but was pretty damn good. Her sophomore album, "Hot Pink," has a number of bangers, with, "Juicy," on the radio a lot and now, "Say So," is trending because it is so incredibly catchy. It has a surreal 70's funk sound (something the music video fully acknowledges with its old-school-looking film filter and vintage fashion) Cat singing a fun melody as well as doing her skilled rapping, and it otherwise really sticks in your head once you hear it. Not too long ago she was just messing around in front of a green screen with fans on live streams and now she's turning into a big star thanks to these fun ditties.

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