Thursday, April 2, 2020

Bad Idea Comics Adjusts Their Debut Date, Does Other Interesting Stuff

I've been following the company Bad Idea Comics with a close eye. I continue to not be sure if their idea of distributing comics directly to 100 specifically picked stores that have strict rules about selling them will work to hype-up demand or make their books basically impossible to get for many folks and leave them with little interest. Now, with Diamond shut down suddenly the direct shipping idea seems pretty clever, but the super-limited shops do lead one to wonder how this will shake out. Then again, they admit in their own name it might just be a terrible idea.

They have some quality creators on board, so I think the books might be cool. It should be noted they now have announced due to comic stores being shut down many places due to COVID-19 they will push back their May release date for their first comic, "Eniac," to later on. They won't be just sitting about though, they have ideas for other books and their creators are actually working on more products now--probably due to some publishers outright stopping any production, period/"Pencils down." I also admire that $25,000 will be distributed evenly between the 100 stores getting the first launch of comics from Bad Idea and some other stores that will be assisting with the second wave of launches(so $250 each or so, which is a nice chunk of change to help with bills for stores struggling to make any money right now).

In conclusion, it is interesting to see Bad Idea is basically doubling their production plans for comics while other companies really scale-back due to the pandemic. I'm sure the creators who work with Bad Idea appreciate being able to do the work they love and I think its cool Bad Idea is giving money to the stores that are working with them to support this endeavor of releasing comics a slightly different way. I continue to be intrigued by all this, that's for sure.

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