Saturday, April 11, 2020

Saturday Night Live is Back Today, In Some Form

"Saturday Night Live," aired its last live show on March 7th when Daniel Craig hosted and The Weeknd performed music. Then they took some time off as the show does for a week here-and-there. Except, then they didn't come back because COVID-19 spread alarmingly and shut down almost all of the World. However, SNL is back today, at least in some form. The show will apparently be live and done remotely, meaning everyone will be broadcasting skits on Zoom, or something? I'm not sure what exactly SNL is going to be doing, but it will probably be interesting. It may not be funny or it might be hilarious, but it'll surely be noteworthy. Plus, I am 99% there will be a, "Tiger King," sketch or at least a handful of jokes about the documentary. We will see tonight just what SNL has planned and hopefully there are some solid jokes in store. We all need a good laugh.

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