Monday, April 6, 2020

Scott Lobdell is Giving Away Free Signed Comics

This is pretty cool, fun, and all-around classy. Scott Lobdell has been sending a free signed comic to anyone who asks for one on Instagram and gives him their address in a message. He's done this a number of weeks and asks nothing in return (not even shipping, near as I can tell). I've actually already got something signed by Scot Lobdell, I met him at a previous comic show! It was the now (sadly) defunct Project Comic-Con. He was extremely nice and humorous, so it makes sense he'd do something cool like this.

When I first met Scott, I told him how I was covering the show for my blog. He responded with a playful, "You ever say anything mean about me?" I somewhat sheepishly said, "No, but maybe DC," as he was writing a lot for DC at the time. He emitted a big laugh and said, "Well, that's fair." He clearly continues to be an awesome guy and I applaud him for doing something to bring smiles to folk's faces during the Worldwide quarantine.

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