Saturday, April 18, 2020

My Latest Comics To Get Fantastic Grades Thanks to The Comic Book Presser!

I am proud to present my latest batch of comics to get fantastic CGC grades thanks to my sending them to The Comic Book Presser! I've written about the fantastic work Chris does before, and these books stand as the latest testament to his quality. I had all four of them pressed and cleaned before they went to CGC and the results I got back were fantastic! You can see my, “Moon Knight,” #25  with a 9.6 which is fantastic for that all-black cover.

Then my, “Marc Spector Moon Knight,” #57 getting a 9.8 was wonderful. I'm sure the pressing made the difference between 9.8 or a lower grade. “Spider-Man Unlimited,” #1 got a nice 9.6 and it was a tad worn when he pressed it so that's stellar. Lastly, we have “Marvel Now! Point One,” #1 with the first Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel getting a 9.8 was just a cherry on top to this sundae of lovely grades for fantastic books! Thanks to Chris AKA The Comic Book Presser I get to be ecstatic about these fantastic grades.

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