Thursday, March 5, 2020

That Skyrizi Song Is Weirdly Catchy

Generally when there is an ad for a new medication the music is either just something peppy in the background or an already well-known song annoyingly tweaked to promote the drug--"Oh, Oh, Oh, Ozempic," can go to Hell. Hence, when I first heard the surprisingly catchy ditty, "Nothing is Everything," in an ad for a new skincare drug known as Skyrizi, I was intrigued to learn it is wholly original for the campaign. Skyrizi is meant to help clear-up skin suffering from plaque psoriasis and therefore that means nothing is on your skin...and that's everything. Here, just listen to the ad:

It is almost too happy, but it just kind of works. It could be a song about a bright and clear day, a song about skin, whatever, and that is why the ditty is effective. It isn't annoyingly specific or a dumb rewrite of a popular song, it's just a fun original jam. In fact, if you read the comments on that YouTube video I linked, most statements come from people remarking how much they are surprised they love the tune. I mean, here I am writing about it, so clearly it struck me. I did a moderate amount of internet-searching but am unable to actually find the name of the band or singer behind, "Nothing is Everything." I wish I knew, because should they have an album with other catchy songs I'd give it a listen for sure.

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