Friday, March 20, 2020

GameStop Has Declared They Are Essential As Pharmacies and Grocery Stores

Update: GameStop will at least close stores in California now.

In this time of immense struggle due to COVID-19 where cities and even whole states are shutting down, we can still rely on those essential services and the brave people working at them. You know, grocery stores, pharmacies, and GameStop. Wait, what? Yes, apparently GameStop has declared they are, "Essential Retail," and must stay open even in areas that are utterly locked down except for crucial stores and services. Basically, GameStop has said, "Fuck you," to lockdown orders and has actually made their employees argue with law enforcement, telling them that a store that sells used copies of games is as integral as the place you get your medications.

Look, I love video-games even though I play them a bit less lately due to being busy (but more free time is here now, like it or not everyone in the World). I would not say a GameStop is a key retail store that is helping us survive this pandemic. This thing is unprecedented in our lifetimes and seeing a corporation be so flippant and treat their employees in this terrible manner (because it's the employees who suffer) is abhorrent. Some areas of America are less hard-hit by COVID-19 and it makes some semblance of sense to remain open--albeit with extra caution. However, if you're in a place that says, "Shut it all down!" you need to follow those rules.

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