Thursday, March 12, 2020

Mid-March 2020 Links and Such: Pandemic-Light Edition

2020 Has Been Rough so Far
It is about the middle of March in the year 2020 and we officially are living through a pandemic due to COVID-19. The NBA has suspended its season as at least two players test positive for COVID-19, one of America's favorite couples--Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson--are infected, and lots of stuff is shutting down in pockets of America (as other countries like Italy fully lock-down), with it likely things will only get worse before they get better. With that in mind, let's try to cheer-up with some links that mostly do not involve feelings of ominous doom.

News For Your Pleasure
I've written about, "The Great Movie Ride," before, and others remember it as fondly as I do too since its destruction and replacement. God, that ride was fun.

The epic fan-remake of, "Half-Life," using the engine that powered, "Half-Life 2," is finally done after more than a decade of tweaking. I'm happy to hear it is good in most opinions I've found.

Tim Seeley is a great writer and (as I understand it) a really nice guy. Congrats to him for his new gig as the Editor-in-Cheif at, "Heavy Metal," magazine.

I liked, "Doomsday Clock," just fine. TCJ has a deep-dive of a piece that is both baffled and vaguely bemused by the whole series.

With COVID-19 resulting in so many cancelations, it is interesting that as of now the 2020 Olympics in Toyko are still happening with little-to-no-adjustments in terms of attendance rules or such. I guess as it nears we will see what happens (and yes, I said, "Pandemic-Light," in my title, but that means a little pandemic news still).

RockPaperShotgun's list of the 20 best space games is quite solid. I love me some outer space in my games.

Stay Safe

That's all I really have to offer in terms of interesting news or links for now. Stay safe and remember to wash your hands.

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