Sunday, March 8, 2020

The March 2020 Toyman Show was Jam-Packed With Greatness!

I attended the second ToyMan Show of 2020 today and acquired a fantastic assortment of goodies from vendors along with having a lovely time chatting with creators and guests! I started off the show at the bottom floor as I like do to, chatting with John of Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles before I then said hello to my friend Eric Meyer (of STL Comics) who had some cool Lois Lane comics for sale I bought. I love the zany silver age weirdness you can sense from just the cover alone:
Then, I chatted with Spike of Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles, a man who always is a treat to speak with. I continued browsing and picked-up a good assortment of comics from some cool early Red Hulk appearances to some snazzy ashcans and an old Amalgam cross-over comic I liked from when DC and Marvel used to have their properties interact a lot more...

I went upstairs to the, "Artist's Attic," and ran into many of my author friends I always love seeing. Jessica Mathews was telling me about an upcoming children's book I look forward to reading with Clarkson, J.E. Nelson and I talked about how she had been since the release of, "The Power Unleashed,", and Leigh Savage shared about some upcoming works from her too! I complimented Lonnie Johnson of Heroes for Kids for having some great Gambit cosplay and met a creator named Brent Chumley with some incredible artwork he had on playmats and in other formats. It also was great seeing Tom of Alliance Comics, Toys and Games!

The two big-name guests at the show were Scott McAffe, a well-known voice-over artist who was extremely nice, and friend of the blog Bishop Stevens, a highly talented actor who has been quite busy with more and more exciting roles lately! He was kind enough to pose for a photo:
This most recent ToyMan Show was one of my best so far when it came to finding cool comics. A lot of what I bought was much cheaper than what I'd seen online thanks to how the vendors were often eager to make deals or engage in trades. I also was so happy to see my talented author friends, meet exciting new creators, and otherwise had a fantastic time. When I wasn't buying my usual interests I also admired all the other items for sale I know less about but find cool, like Hot Wheels cars, Lego, and much, much more. ToyMan really is a smorgasbord of great stuff. I can't wait for the next show on May 3rd of 2020 and would encourage anyone able to attend it!

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