Saturday, March 21, 2020

This, "Island Companion Planner," is Great for fans of, "Animal Crossing"

Examples of the cover options and the interior pages
The two-person team of Nicholas Grimes and L. Saransalmi recently had a very successful Kickstarter for, "The Island Companion Planner." It is quite careful to never outright state how it can be used with the latest game in the, "Animal Crossing," series, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons," but it says how it is handy if you are going to be living on an island with animals, so take that statement as you will. "The Island Companion Planner," has a calendar and planner as well as pages for plotting-out things like the design of your island, facts about villagers, a way to track fish and bugs you catch, etc. The Kickstarter is done, but folk can follow the news on their mini-site about future editions and there is a temporary website (only until March 26th) where you can buy a physical planner or just digital versions of the pages for planning and noting things about your island.

As I have physical planners I already jot notes and such in, I went for the digital option of tracking pages I can print-out. Having reviewed the pages I am very excited to use them in conjunction with my game as Samii was kind enough to help me with the cost of a Nintendo Switch while we live in pseudo-lockdown due to COVID-19. Yes, I have evolved from once thinking the Switch was lame, to wanting one, to now soon owning a snazzy Lite version. I've grown as a person/I'm a hypocrite depending on how you want to look at it. Judge me all you want, I'll be busy on a magical island full of humanoid animals.

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