Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Let's Skip April Fool's Day Tomorrow

My hatred for April Fool's Day is well known. People intentionally post false stories or made-up claims they think are funny but just upset others (pretending you are pregnant insults those of us who have actually lost a pregnancy). Perhaps if we all just were making little jokes it'd be okay, but April 1st generally just results in hurt feelings. Considering the current state of the World, do we really need to add insult to injury?

I mean, if you turn on the television this all seems like a surreal joke when you witness a reality television star who is our President giving the floor to a man who makes pillows at a COVID-19 Conference so we can be lectured about how we need to turn to our bibles for guidance. Who could make that up? Reality is weird enough that you don't need to be posting nonsense online tomorrow or trying to pull pranks on people you're going to be stuck in quarantine with for a number more weeks--do you really want your only human contact enraged with you? Let's skip April Fool's Day and just have it be regular old April 1st, Google knows it is the best choice to make, you should follow suit too.

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