Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The, "Greenlight," Debit Card Has the Same Name as a Deadly Fictional Drug, Green Light

A debit card and a drug with the same name.
Sometimes when you are coming up with the name for your product you should look around online to be sure nobody else has used it in a manner that makes you look bad. The, "Greenlight," debit card which parents can give to their kids to teach them responsible spending, saving, and whatever. Anyone who did a simple web search would see that for a number of years that has been a key plot point on the show, "Black Lightning," where Green Light is the slang term for a Government-created drug which is highly addictive and in people with a meta-gene can unlock their powers (thereby allowing the Government to snatch them up and use them as soldiers against fictional nations with their own meta-humans like Markovia).

This means when I hear, "Greenlight," I don't picture a debit card that is supposed to teach kids to spend money responsibly, I imagine a dangerous drug that kills countless people while giving superpowers to a small number (who then also die if they aren't made stable, another big plot in the show). I know shows on the CW aren't necessarily as well-known as a Marvel superhero movie, but, "Black Lightning," is pretty popular and you would think the folk who came up with the Greenlight debit card could have at least spent 15 minutes double-checking any unfortunate shared name such as Green Light as two words instead of one. It could be worse, but it is kind of awkward.

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