Wednesday, April 13, 2011

For No Particular Reason, Today Will Have a Post Focused On Coffee.

You know what I really enjoy? I mean, love? Coffee.
I just love a good cup of black coffee--with the rare occasion I put in creamer as it is just a bit too bitter for my tastes that day. Yes, nothing beats some hot coffee or a steaming cup of espresso. Sure you can dilute it with milk and whatnot to make a latte or cappuccino, but I find coffee is best in a pure form. Well, there is one exception. I do love me the Dunkaccino.
What is a Dunkaccino, you may ask? Basically it is simply black coffee mixed with Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate. The thing is, it is so incredibly tasty and addicting like some form of coffee-crack. I try to avoid drinking them because once I start I just can't stop. Oh, just so you know, Dunkin Donuts is not paying me to say any of this and is probably unaware that I even made a post about their beverages. I just enjoy it that much that I am chatting about it.

Anyways, go out and brew or buy a cup of coffee, maybe get a Dunkaccino if you feel like living on the wild side. Whatever it is you do, just enjoy your hot cup of "joe" as folk call it for some reason.

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