Friday, April 15, 2011

A Quick Thought On Cyclops from the X-Men

You know who can be a really great character when written well? Cyclops.
He is conflicted, interesting, a fun fellow. Grant Morrison did a great job with him during his run on "New X-Men" and Joss Whedon did some interesting things too in Astonishing X-Men. Yeah, When he is done well he is pretty cool. You know where Scott Summers sucks though? The X-men movies. They over-play the worst attirbutes of the whole "boy-scout" angle, barely using him in the second movie and killing him off right away in the third. It's a crying shame. He seemed to be redeemed a bit in the Wolverine movie as  a young child, but yeesh, is he lame in the flicks. Yeah, when given a good writer he a snazzy guy to read in the comics. Plus, as has been hinted, he keeps a lot of that power held back in his eyes, on the rare occasion he lets loose with Yeah, I like ya Scott Summers, you get some props from me.


  1. what about the animated series version?

  2. I'm not saying he's always awesome, just that all the constant fan hate he would get isn't always warranted. Heh, "Jeaaannnn!"