Thursday, April 21, 2011

Confession--I've Quit Playing World of Warcraft

So yeah, I've pretty much quit playing World of Warcraft as of about two or three months ago. I tried to keep my interest up; I played a character from both of the new races of Goblins and Worgen to the low-20s, I quested a bit with my main, a Tauren Shaman named Shine, in the new high-level zone of the World Tree, I even made some new characters to explore the old-world zones re-done due to the decimation wrought by Deathwing. The game just didn't seem to have its hooks in me as much this time around though, with my usual playing of a year or six months before getting tired--don't get me wrong, I had fun, but I guess I just didn't have the time to dedicate toward playing WOW with my other priorities in life such as working, or doing this here blog for you all.

I suppose I'll cancel my subscription again for now, because there is no point in paying Blizzard for the right to not play WOW, though I imagine I will be back when the urge to quest strikes me. I enjoyed writing articles about my experiences in World of Warcraft for this blog and don't worry about me no longer writing about WOW because I'll still follow news about it, plus there will of course be comics related to it I will want to read. I mean, I still have two issues of the Worgen comic I will review very soon for the blog. The main thing that sucks is I'm stuck getting some issues of the quarterly World of Warcraft Magazine I subscribed to that you may recall isn't that good. Oh well.

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