Saturday, April 2, 2011

I Can't Believe It Actually Came Out And I'm Finally Reviewing It--Ultimate X #4

Ultimate X #4
I am reviewing Ultimate X #4, seriously, no joke. I didn't do anything for April Fool's Day as I hate fake posts that I have to realize are not serious. Still, 8 months or so after it was due this is actually out. The cover signed by Art Adams has a little 5-4-2010 meaning this issue was in the works for a whole year. Was the wait worth it? Well, define, "worth it"....

This is a perfectly competent comic. Jeph Loeb actually is doing good writing and Art Adams is of course a legend who draws real purty, everything works. I don't want to be damning with faint praise, because I did genuinely enjoy the comic, but while reading it I just couldn't stop thinking about the eight months waited for this. Still though, the third-party narration is actually getting to be useful instead of annoying like in the first two issues, there is drama, humor, and action, the touchy subject of school shootings is used (surprising considering an X-Factor story by Peter David about this was apparently dropped due to someone protesting), and Art Adams of course draws nice stuff. Oh, and despite the forever-long wait Marvel still forget to insert text on a page, observe:
When you're cranking out three issues a month of something I can understand the error, but with eight long months you would think they have everything down pretty well. Anyways, besides that this was a good comic if not worth waiting more than half a year for to actually be released and the fact that the rest of the Ultimate Universe undoubtedly is so far removed from this book nothing that important can happen in it. I liked it and look forward to reading issue #5 when it supposedly comes out in May 2011 even though I would probably bet $100 we're missing that ship date without question.
3.5 out of 5 stars.

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