Monday, April 18, 2011

Let Me Get This Straight--That Surprisingly Good Lyric Came From WHO?

Let me get this straight, Ke$ha came up with a lyric I find interesting? Really? How? Let me explain...

I have made it no secret on my blog that I absolutely despise Ke$ha. I think she is talentless, using little more than the miniscule sex-appeal and shock-value she has along with her vapid lyrics and annoying beats to make as much money as possible from shallow fools before her fame dries up (that's a mouthful). Therefore, on a day I forced to listen to the song "Blow" because friends in the car wouldn't let me change the channel, I was shocked when a lyric that could actually be interpreted as very clever and deep was said by my least favorite singer besides Fergie, "We're pretty and sick/We're young and we're bored." Huh.

In this era of focusing on beauty and wealth aren't we all being done in by our desire to be pretty, making us all sick? Aren't youth being drowned in so much media that they are bored and mindless? Am I trying to read too much into a lyric that means nothing and am instead seeing all these deep concepts of a post-modern exploration of loneliness, greed, and tedium with this world we live in? I suppose the answer is "Maybe" to all of the above. Still, it's just odd that someone as horrible as Ke$ha could make something that gave me pause. I guess I found the needle in the haystack. With the needle being something about Ke$ha I didn't hate, and the haystack being all the rest of her work output.

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