Sunday, December 5, 2010

This comic disappointed me: Wolverine: The Best There Is #1

Not what I expected.
Wolverine: The Best There Is #1
Picture this, Charlie Huston, who did a great job writing Moon Knight, teaming up with the stupendous artist Juan Jose Ryp, who did amazing stuff with Warren Ellis on the Avatar titles "Black Summer" and "No Hero" to do a gritty tale about Wolverine. The title even sounds snazzy, "Wolverine: The Best There Is." Sounds like a match made in heaven, right? I mean check out this art after the break.

Rats, dog-men and guns? How could this not be great?
Sadly, Huston seems to not have the best grasp of Wolverine. I mean, a song comes on that is so great Logan feels the urge to dance? Friends, I don't care how hot that beat is, Wolvie' don't bust a move. The art is pretty, but way too many panels consist of the words, "snikt," as wolverine pops his claws to kill folk (cool) or help cut womenfolk's hair to make them look more fashionable--seriously. Its got some interesting scenes with strange bad-folk plotting and showing off some cool powers, and the art is good, especially at the end when Wolverine starts to hallucinate (as anyone who remembers "No Hero" recalls, Ryp can draw some creepy stuff of people tripping).  This comic just didn't click for me.
Hopefully it will get better as it goes along as it isn't completely hopeless as one reviewer seemed to feel. It isn't like there is a shortage of Wolverine-related comics anyways, so why worry?
2 out of 5 Stars.

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