Sunday, December 12, 2010

Watch this now AKA Thor Trailer.

 The Thor movie trailer came out recently, watch below and then scroll down further for my thoughts.

It seems they are indeed going with the method I and many others thought would be the only way. That is, make it seem like it could just be a case of the guy who claims he is Thor to be thought of as crazy by everyone else. After all, this movie takes place in a real-ish world. I mean, someone like Iron Man could be possible, a tech genius making a suit. Captain America? Why, that's just a guy pumped full of experimental drugs. Thor though, a God of thunder? That just don't wash in a realistic world. Hence, going with the fun dynamic of the fantastical possibly just being crazy-hallucinations and the "real-world" featuring Thor as some guy who might just be really tough and crazy. I like it.

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