Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This comic met my expectations: Avengers: The Children's Crusade #3

Avengers: The Children's Crusade #3
It met my expectation, but was I expecting it to be good? Bad? Okay? Find!
So we found out at the end of issue two the Scarlet Witch is stuck with Victor Von Doom, and by the end of this issue we have Wiccan confronting Doom about it. Yeah, this 9-issue series is moving a little slowly, and the momentum is only killed more by the fact we have to wait 2 months for each issue because while Cheung is a great artist he is slow at an ungodly level. I mean, other stuff does happen; the young heroes debate about going to Latveria to fight Doom, Quicksilver bitches and moans about how he doesn't trust his father Magneto (seriously when he's written well I love Quicksilver but he just seems petty here), and the adult-Avengers back in NYC talk to Wonder Man about needing his help to find the Scarlet Witch on their own. Which brings me to another thing that bugs me. I have a soft-spot for Wonder Man for some reason, so while he is written well here, over in Bendis' Avengers hasn't he been threatening to stop these new Avengers no matter what it takes? Continuity problems, anyone?
Hey Wonder Man, why do you hate the Avengers in this comic but enjoy chatting with them in The Children's Crusade?

Yes, I remember back in the 1st issue of this series they warned things will seem out of place and all will make sense, but if we are building up to a lame, "anything that messed with other comic-books was just a trick by the Scarlet Witch," type-twist this book is going to start losing points with me right quick.
Other than my complaints about Quicksilver, I did enjoy the writing in this comic. The dialogue flows well and another character I like, Magneto, has just the right amount of attitude mixed with genuine concern for his daughter and grandsons. Plus the art, it sure is purty. That double-page spread about Doctor Doom just kills it, as the kids today say:
 In closing, I enjoy this comic but just wish more would happen. The continuity is especially confusing what with this comic coming out so slowly and the rest of the Marvel universe advancing at a quick pace. If something important to the rest of the Marvel U is supposed to occur here with the Scarlet Witch (hopefully something awesome like that House of M business) I wonder how they will balance that with the incredibly slow release rate. Overall though, a fun--albeit very decompressed story-wise--time.
3.5 out of 5 stars.

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