Thursday, May 9, 2024

Multiversity Comics is Sadly Shutting Down; it is a Bit of a Trend

Multiversity Comics is one of those comic and culture sites I've enjoyed reading for years. It is actually a bit older than my own site, having started in May 2009 (The Newest Rant as we know it didn't exist until December 2010). Sadly, however, Multiversity Comics is shutting down this month, meaning it went 15 years and then wrapped. The official post announcing the closure gives a variety of reasons from a decline in staff, to financial concerns, to just everyone involved frankly being exhausted. My blog costs me about ten bucks a year to keep running and is mostly held together through outdated code I barely understand, metaphorical elbow grease, and my sheer determination to keep sharing my random opinions online. That said, if it were really expensive to run a site and the passion just wasn't there, I'd totally understand someone closing the, "Show," down.

I'm a one-man production besides a few guest posts over the years, so the only, "Staff," I have to worry about is myself. Picturing having employees sounds like a bunch of variables to wrangle so these bigger sites folding makes sense if it gets untenable--that doesn't make such an occurrence any less sad, however. It isn't lost on me the internet is a lot different in 2024 than when I started this site at the end of 2010. We've seen a lot of comic/television/movie/book/culture sites disappear with the rise of YouTube, social media, and podcasts becoming a huge thing too. I love all of those formats, but I also just really enjoy reading a site. Personal blogs have mostly faded away, replaced with TikTok channels or such. I'm here though, and I'll keep plugging away as long as it's fun and--honestly--doesn't cost me much or makes me a couple bucks if anybody besides MyComicShop ever wants to throw a little ad/affiliate link up on the site. As of now, I'm still enjoying blogging just as much as ever, so I don't anticipate running out of viewpoints to share anytime soon. I mean, the World seems to be getting even crazier every year, so there is usually something to have a hot take on, for better or worse! I'll miss Multiversity Comics and nothing can replace them, I just hope those of us who are still plugging away can live up to the legacy of their site and all the others we've seen end operations over the years.

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