Saturday, May 4, 2024

It's Free Comic Book Day and, "Star Wars," Day

Today is a double-whammy of fun because it is both Free Comic Book Day and due to it being May 4th is, "Star Wars," day. FCBD always falls on the first Saturday of May and the reason we celebrate the war in the stars on May 4th is a bit of a pun--"May the force be with you/may the fourth be with you." It was an unofficial thing for quite some time but like any popular thing fans come up with it has been co-opted by corporations and is now a way to hype stuff and sell products (not to say it lacks fun still, however).

I'd encourage you to go to your local comic shop and get some special free comics (maybe buy something too so as to show some support) and then commemorate, "Star Wars," day however you like for that holiday. Just don't party too hard because tomorrow is yet another notable occasion--Cinco De Mayo! Yes, it is quite a busy weekend!

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