Saturday, May 25, 2024

Kid Cudi is Selling Tour Merchandise for His Cancelled Tour in a Clever Manner

It was April 21st, 2024. Kid Cudi performed at Coachella. He jumped off the stage and it was much higher than he had anticipated. He fell 8 feet and broke his foot. He had to undergo surgery and canceled his upcoming, "Insano," tour. Refunds were given out and Kid Cudi will go on tour sometime in the future when he's healed. The thing is...there was a lot of merchandise. In a clever twist, his website is selling the merch for, "The Tour that Never Was."

You can buy themed totes, knick-knacks, and clothes. In a bit of a dark joke some of the hoodies have tour dates with the word, "Cancelled," now sprawled across what had been planned. It is a bummer the shows couldn't happen but at least, "The Tour that Never Was," can still sell some cool merchandise. I wish Kid Cudi a full (and speedy) recovery.

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