Sunday, May 26, 2024

Mary Jane (the Retro Candy) is a Fantastic Treat!

I like buying candy from other countries or that is retro at a specialty shop in the local Mall. I saw one called, "Mary Jane," and was intrigued by its sounding sort of like, "Bit O' Honey," but also being its own thing. With a mix of molasses and peanut butter, I bought it to try. I liked it a lot!

Mary Jane candy is incredibly chewy, like insanely so. Be careful to avoid chewing it on any side of your mouth that has had dental work as this could rip a filling clean out. Currently produced by the Atkinson Candy Company in Lufkin Texas, they've been around since 1932 but actually got the rights to Mary Jane in 2020 as it began in 1914 with Robert O. Lord's candy manufacturing company and shifted ownership every few decades before ending up with Atkinson where it is currently produced and just as tasty as ever. Should you be able to buy Mary Jane (again, the candy) at a local shop I'd recommend sampling it or you can always go straight to Atkinson's website and get some.

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