Friday, May 10, 2024

Variety Highlighted Clarkson on Their Site!

When Clarkson got his Novachat device AKA his talker, our insurance only covered so much. However, the nonprofit known as Variety was available to help cover the remaining costs. Variety has a bunch of awesome programs that benefit those with disabilities. We filled out a survey saying how we appreciated Variety's assistance and they enjoyed hearing how Clarkson's Novachat had been helpful! They asked if he could be highlighted on their blog and we said that sounded great! They just put up the post discussing Clarkson and how useful his Novachat has been on their site today. Thanks again to Variety for being a stellar organization! I would encourage anyone who has a child with disabilities to look into the local organizations they may have in their region, there are always so many resources people don't realize can be utilized!

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