Monday, May 27, 2024

I'm 36 Today!

Today I am 36. This is my first birthday as a father to Clarkson and now also Gibson. I am so thankful for them and my wife, Samii. The above picture is from the French Creperie in Chesterfield, Missouri. They have a great assortment of sweet and savory crepes, plus that special birthday one I had a couple days before my big day (they were okay with it as my birthday is Memorial Day this year). Yesterday, Samii and I had a nice breakfast outing at one of, "The Shack," locations and it was delicious too. I snapped a selfie of us with me wearing one of their birthday crowns! Observe:

I've turned 36 and am so joyous to have my loved ones and a great life. There have been some great times and some really rough times, but I and the people I care about have weathered those occasions to get where we are today, with me three years old...times 12. Cheers to hopefully many more years full of love and learning.

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