Monday, May 13, 2024

The "Marvel Rivals," Developer is Getting Roasted For Attempting to Require No Negative Press

"Marvel Rivals," is being developed by NetEase, and from what I've seen it looks fun! It is an arena battle game that reminds me a bit of, "Overwatch," as a variety of heroes work together and combat one another with their skills complimenting/counteracting one another. Apparently, those who have played the game quite like it, making it all the more head-scratchingly odd that NetEase had some extreme requirements for anyone who wanted to try the Alpha (an early version) of the game and talk about it/stream themselves playing it/etc. Basically, you were forbidden from saying anything negative.

NetEase is getting ripped a new figurative rear end online for a, "Contract," that says anyone playing this early version of, "Marvel Rivals," cannot disparage it in the manner of comparing it to other games unfavorably (e.g. don't mention, "Overwatch,") or just outright saying you don't enjoy a particular aspect from the art, to gameplay, or anything. NetEase is now saying they didn't mean to cause, "Confusion," with their contract and apologize for any overly restrictive terms. NetEase has made it clear they are of course open to criticism, at least now that everyone has called them out, I suppose. Now, I haven't played, "Marvel Rivals," and even though I'd enjoy trying it if the chance arose, I wouldn't agree to only say nice things about it, because that's just absurd. No game/movie/show/comic/book or so forth is perfect. Being willing to accept positive feedback and comments about what to fix can only improve a product. I hope NetEase learns that from this fiasco.

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