Monday, January 29, 2024

The, "Deluxe," Edition of, "Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League," Had a Horrible Pre-Launch

I am a huge fan of the, "Arkham," Batman games that were created by Rocksteady. When it was announced they were making a game set in that Universe featuring the Suicide Squad taking on a Justice League being controlled by Brainiac and turned evil, I was intrigued! Then more details leaked about it being one of those, "Live Service," games you supposedly play forever to get little updates, and my enthusiasm waned. Oh, and then it was heavily delayed to officially launch in February 2024. Rocksteady did ample damage control and emphasized even as a Live Service-ish game this won't take up too much of your time, and it will be fun, and any kind of game passes will be for cosmetic stuff so it'll all be fine, for real. Then people who paid for a deluxe version and were supposed to get access 72 hours early found the game taken down within an hour of its pre-launch due to a massive glitch. This game has more red flags than when someone introduces themselves to you at a coffee shop with a compliment and seems friendly but then follows up with what sounds like a pitch for a cult, MLM, or both (run away as fast as you can if you hear the word, "Downstream," said).

The glitch in question made it so that players logging onto the game for the first time were greeted with game text indicating they had already beaten the game in the sense of having at least played through everything once and unlocked all kinds of levels, cinematics, and the like. I understand if you let people play a game in early access they can expect bugs, but this wasn't (supposed to be) a glitchy game early in development, this is a title that is done and people paid extra (I believe this version was $100) to attempt and enjoy it early. If you're going to pull that kind of move your game should work, as Zack Zwiezen of Kotaku observed. I hate this trend of people paying more money to get access to a game for a week or some days and a fiasco such as this only furthers how I'd never pay extra cash for little more than the privilege of trying a game a little earlier. This is just another moment of chaos in what has been an utter wreck of this game's development. Hopefully, when it does work it'll be fun. Many reviewers were denied early access, unlike folks who ponied up a bundle of money, however, so who knows!

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