Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Television Tuesday: I Do Wish We'd Get a Real Housewives of Saint Louis Someday

Andy Cohen is a very powerful figure at Bravo and the mastermind behind a lot of the programming there. He is also a Saint Louis native and enjoys coming here to relax. That seems to be a major reason he has zero interest in ever expanding the, "Real Housewives," brand to STL. He's previously said this isn't a, "Slam," as his hometown is his favorite place and also stated you, "Don't poop where you eat," when asked about doing a show here. I get it, the man wants Saint Louis to be a place he can go to relax as opposed to another location he has to consider a work destination. That said, he has kind of bent this rule before.

Meghan King was a Real Housewife of Orange County back in 2015-2017. She was also a Saint Louis native, at the time of the show's filming married to a Saint Louis Cardinal (Jim Edmonds), and spent half her time in Saint Louis and half in California. She and Edmonds divorced in 2019 amid a cheating scandal (she literally found out about his texts to other women via tabloid articles). She now works in Real Estate here in Missouri and is dating a Saint Louis lawyer. I share all this to illustrate Ms. King is heavily enmeshed in Saint Louis culture but still managed to get on a Real Housewives show via technically living in Orange County 50%-ish of the time. If Andy Cohen could make an exception for her and kinda sort of have a Saint Louisan on a Real Housewives show why not just do one here at some point?

The man loves his hometown!

I don't watch all the, "Real Housewives," shows currently being made but have viewed various ones at different points in time. Lately, I've been a huge fan of the Salt Lake City iteration. It gets me thinking how fun it would be to see Saint Louis restaurants, landmarks, parks, and so forth as various women get into huge arguments that involve hurling insults (and sometimes drinks). Maybe when Cohen feels like he's nearing retirement he'll say, "Fine, here you go!" to all of us in the Lou and at least give us a season or two of, "The Real Housewives of Saint Louis," and it'll be more than a pipe dream. For now, however. It ain't happening anytime soon because I suppose Cohen respects his hometown too much to subject it to a Housewives franchise? Yeah, let's run with something heartwarming like that.

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