Monday, January 22, 2024

Saint Louis Got Pummeled With Ice Today

I'm a bit jealous of those of you living in warm or at least vaguely pleasant places as things were pretty gross in the Saint Louis region today. An ice storm came through in the early morning hours and persisted to the point schools were canceled, businesses kept closed till later and public transit ground to a halt. Anyone who did take to the roads found themselves skidding around as if they were on a poorly monitored carnival ride.

I sincerely hope anyone who could stay home during the first chunk of today did so and waited until this afternoon to go out as things got a little less wretched. When the weather is absolutely terrible the best option is always to stay home and stay safe. I'd say I can't wait for warmer weather, but usually by the time Summer arrives and it's ungodly hot, I find myself wishing for Winter. Basically, I like the two weeks or so of Spring weather and Fall weather we get at their respective times of the year and otherwise, it is always too hot or too cold. You've got to love the Midwest and the impact of climate change!

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