Sunday, January 14, 2024

Go Play! in Chesterfield is Immense Fun!

I enjoy taking our children to fun things for kids because I want them to be happy and it is a good way to burn all the extra energy the youth seem to have. Clarkson is six and loves any kind of play place/play zone where he can run, jump, climb, and so forth. I had heard from some friends about a new such location that had opened up called, "Go Play!" Located in the Chesterfield Valley, I decided to take Clarkson today to Go Play! while Samii and Gibson stayed home in the warm house due to it getting even colder than this morning and Gibson needed a nap. 

Go Play! has two time slots you can book and then come and go as you please during said time window. We did the 8AM-1PM and arrived around 11AM so that Clarkson would have a good two hours to play. He had a ton of fun! The space is really open and nice. There are plenty of places outside the play area itself to relax or have a snack (they provide free coffee and plenty of concessions). Everything felt really clean and employees were often going around sweeping up gravel from the pit (more on that in a minute) or wiping down the climbing structures. 

There really was quite a lot to choose from in the main play area or the side room for smaller children. From slides and ball pits to trampolines, a mini rock wall, those spider-web things you climb up/down in, things to roll balls, light-up toys, and more, this space was loaded with things for kiddos to enjoy! 

Clarkson has always been a huge fan of jumping and sliding so his favorite activity was doing the trampoline area, going up in the tower to come down the big slide, going back to the trampolines, up the tower to slide down, and so forth. When he would get tired of running or jumping he would chill in the gravel pit and scoop the pieces a bit in a zen manner that he appeared to enjoy as well.

Go Play! is a wonderful addition to the region and provides another fantastic resource for parents wanting to take their kids someplace fun. The play zone was really fun, the free coffee was lovely, and the employees were all wonderful; when I mentioned how Clarkson has Autism Spectrum Disorder and could potentially try to run out (which you have to go past the front desk to enter or exit) they said they'd keep him from doing so if he tried that--he didn't as he was so enthralled with the play space, but better safe than sorry!

You can book your timeslot at Go Play! in advance via their website or simply show up to play, but I'd recommend booking ahead as they can reach their maximum capacity (they try to make sure it doesn't get too crowded) on gross days where it is more fun to be inside.

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