Thursday, January 18, 2024

Hot Comics Revue 16--Baby, Come Home to the Ultimate Universe. No, the Other One!

When it was first announced how in the latest iteration of the Ultimate Universe Spider-Man would be married to Mary Jane with kids I wrote that it would probably appeal to folks who grew up back when Spidey was married (before the Devil/Mephisto undid it, it was weird) and younger readers curious about an older Peter Parker with kids. Talk about an understatement because, "Ultimate Spider-Man," #1 (2024 edition) is the first big hit of the year and Marvel's first (new) book to really strike a nerve and get hot in some time.

Cover A is normally priced at $5.99 due to being extra-big and such, but the book is now trending for $35-$40 online with other variant covers creeping up from their cover price too (a rising tide raises all boats, perhaps). People have been saying online the book is probably a hit because it features a great writer (Jonathan Hickman) a stellar artist (Marco Checcheto) and tells a story fans have wanted for some time (Peter Parker grown-up, married to Mary Jane, with kids). Who knew having a solid creative team telling a story people would like to read would make a comic popular (sarcasm intended)? Only the first issue has come out so the series could very well get even hotter or faceplant. Whatever the case, it is a bit funny to think the original Ultimate Universe had a very young Peter Parker and was incredibly popular for some time and this iteration has a much older Pete and is a hit now as well.

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