Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Television Tuesday: A, "Criminal," Show is the in the Works

"Criminal," is one of the best things Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips have made. With current issues published by Image (it started as a creator-owned title under Marvel's Icon imprint), if it were any other creative team it might very well be the best comic they ever produced, but these are the guys who also made, "The Fadeout," "Sleeper," and other stellar series, so it is hard to pick a favorite comic by the duo. That said, "Criminal," and its various mini-series focusing on assorted characters dealing in all sorts of crime make for some stellar reading. Hearing that Amazon is going to make a series for Prime based on the, "Criminal," comics frankly makes perfect sense with various story arcs perfectly serving as seasons that can stand mostly alone but also intersect in little ways. I congratulate Brubaker and Phillips on their latest success!

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