Sunday, January 7, 2024

"Hack/Slash: Back to School," Has Been Phenomenal So Far

Only two issues are out of the four-issue mini-series, but, "Hack/Slash: Back to School," is already fantastic. Following the popular character Cassie Hack of the various, "Hack/Slash," series earlier in her career of hunting down horror-movie-style monsters that kill people (AKA Slashers), the series is both written and drawn by the talented Zoe Thorogood. Thororgood's, "It's Lonely at the Centre of the Earth," was a favorite of mine back in 2022 as it told an autobiographical tale but Thorogood is killing it--pun intended--with this new mini-series that I've been excited to read since it was first announced.

The basic gist of this tale featuring Cassie is it takes place quite early in her career (as I said) shortly after she meets (now longtime) partner Vlad and she, "Enrolls," in a school of sorts for young women who are going out and putting a stop to the serial killing Slashers. The second issue features Cassie and some other girls getting sucked into an old-school PC game and Thorogood continues to show why she's an amazing writer and illustrator as the style shifts to pixels and then pseudo-3D artwork. It is astounding stuff.

I've been a fan of anything in the, "Hack/Slash," line of comics for years now and Zoe Thorogood's entry into the brand's legacy is already shaping up to be an immensely impressive one. Whether you're familiar with Cassie Hack and Vlad or a newbie to their tales, you really ought to be reading, "Hack/Slash: Back to School." I know I can't wait for the next issue!

5 out of 5 Stars (for both issues).

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