Friday, January 26, 2024

Food Network Kind of Did Valerie Bertinelli Dirty

Valerie Bertinelli was a part of multiple programs on Food Network until one got canceled (Valerie's Home Cooking). Then another show she co-hosted, "Kids'Baking Championship," was announced to no longer have her involved after this season. Food Network has claimed talks with Bertinelli's team stalled, but she has posted there were no talks. She basically got radio silence from Food Network after she finished filming the most recent season of, "Kids' Baking Championship," in 2022 and has made it clear she holds no ill will to Food Network but is bummed. Her deal expired and Food Network didn't renew it, which is unfortunate.

By all accounts, Bertinelli is an extremely pleasant person and I enjoyed watching her on Food Network. It really seems like Food Network wants to blame Bertinelli for her no longer being involved at the channel, but she seems legit upset and was willing to do more shows. I wish Bertinelli well and hope she can find some other fun projects to work on.


  1. I agree. I really enjoyed her show. I hope she finds another platform or FN brings her back because she is a talented host who is always fun to watch.

  2. I agree. I enjoyed her shows very much. Valerie's Home Cooking was a great show & I loved her on Kids baking Championship. She was great with the kids...that's a gift. I hope she finds another platform to produce another show or FN brings her back because she is a talented host who is fun to watch.