Tuesday, January 2, 2024

Television Tuesday: Monica is the Injection of Energy, "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City," Needed

Update 1/3/23:

Wow, as the finale last night of the season revealed, Monica was behind a whole lot of stuff. She had an online alter ego that caused a metric ton of trouble for everyone on the show and basically pulled a, "Talented Mr. Ripley," with her ability to infiltrate these people. How much did Bravo know? Will she even be back for another season after blowing everything up so magnificently (despite her claims of partial innocence)? I knew Monica was good television and gave the show an injection of energy but I did not realize she was a, "Bravo Super Villian." I had zero clue she orchestrated a whole lot of the drama we've witnessed. I'm just flabbergasted and would rank her up there with other famous reality schemers like Dan Gheesling--although he did his actions in a show about lying, "Big Brother." There are hurt feelings all around and a lot of unanswered questions for what is sure to be a lit reunion special.

Original Post From Before the Finale 1/2/23:

I enjoy trashy reality television, that much is apparent to anyone who reads my blog and sees my posts about everything from golden bachelors to K-1 Visa engagements to absurdly large families with horrible secrets. I haven't written a ton about, "The Real Housewives," franchises but I do watch some of them. I am especially fascinated by the iteration in Salt Lake City. The cast includes Mormons, ex-Mormons, and other religions, but the power and influence of the Mormon church hovers over basically everything in the town. Jen Shah was a member of the show and made for really good television until it turned out her lavish lifestyle landed her in prison for wire fraud. This season things really picked up wonderfully, however, with Monica Garcia being the best addition to the cast since the show started.

All hail the Queen!

Others agree with me that Monica is fantastic. She's a lot less rich than some of the ladies (but doesn't give a hoot what they think) and a lot more outspoken too. She says what us viewers are saying for us. She tells Lisa Barlow to quit whining about losing a ring that equals everyone's salary and Lisa argues everyone could buy a 60k ring if they wanted, looking absurdly out of touch. She tells us she was a witness in the cast against Jen Shah with zero hesitation. Monica came barreling into this season of, "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City," like a force of nature and she leaves great television in her wake. If you haven't watched any Real Housewives shows but want to give one a shot, try this season of, "Salt Lake City," because it is an absolute hoot.

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