Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Television Tuesday: There Can Never Be Enough, "90 Day Fiance," Content

"90 Day Fiance," is a show on TLC about couples with a unique dating situation. Namely, one is coming to America to be with their partner and they'll have 90 days to decide if they want to get married, or the foreign partner has to leave. This is how the K-1 Visa the show is centered on works. It sounds simple, but it has resulted in some very dramatic T.V. It also led to a ton of spin-offs.

There are now programs following past couples title, "What Now?" shows about people going, "The other way," where an American moves, shows where we watch past participants watch an episode of the program and riff on it, and other random spin-offs focused on the most interesting/messy people the show has ever had. Oh, and a short series that checked-in how everyone was doing in quarantine. I also realize now I forgot, "Before the 90 Days," where Americans go to meet their possible future spouse they want to bring over for the first time in-person if they've communicated solely online or such. I'm probably forgetting another version of the show too, but I'll stop for the sake of your sanity if you're bewildered by all this.
Darcey Silva and her many failed relationships with foreign men has resulted in hours of programming.
All these, "90 Day Fiance," programs may sound excessive, but Samii and I can't get enough. They are like nice relaxing junk food for your brain to unwind with, and after all the stress this year has held for us that is something to seek-out and savor. The countless, "90 Day Fiance," programs are a treat for people who love trashy reality television, and hope to maybe learn something too (they are on, "The Learning Channel, after all). It's good stuff.

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