Monday, August 3, 2020

I Have Hernia Surgery in a Week

I wanted to share with all my readers and friends (because if you read my blog I consider you a friend) that I am having hernia surgery next Monday, August 10th. I have had a hernia in my stomach--known as an, "Umbilical hernia," for some years now, and it was small and not an issue. The past number of months it has caused me more and more discomfort however, so I saw a doctor who advised me it would only get worse and needed to be corrected with surgery.

The surgery is outpatient and should be, "Minor," although I've never been put under for surgery (I was concious-but-numb in high school when my wisdom teeth were removed) so minor seems a little like an understatement, but perhaps I worry too much. They said to expect a week or two of being unable to do too much as I am recovering and after 4 weeks I should feel about normal again. I want to thank everyone in advance for their support and ask for your patience if my posting is sporadic for a bit after August 10th as I recover from surgery.

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