Monday, August 17, 2020

The Return of Milestone Is (This Time) Imminent

Milestone was a line of comics full of diverse and cool characters such as Static Shock, Icon, and many more. It was acquired by DC years ago, kind of put into its Universe, forgotten, got stuck in lawsuits, etc. Well, after some false starts, it supposedly is due to return--for real this time--with an announcement coming at DC's Fandome digital event this weekend. Now, DC is of course in a massive flux right now, so some good news about the company would be encouraging. Right now DC has one of their few remaining executives, Jim Lee, trying to encourage us with phrases like, "Hey, I promise we still publish some comics, for real, sure," so let's get something encouraging out there besides a fun-sounding, "Suicide Squad," game--which is neat but not a comic. Anyways, Milestone will be back, that's snazzy.

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