Thursday, August 20, 2020

"Bear & Breakfast," Sounds Like a Lovely Videogame

One of my weirder (non-sexual) fantasies is wanting to run a Bed and Breakfast. It is a strange desire as I lack the business acumen to do so, can't cook well, and generally hate the idea of strangers sleeping in my house. Still, a surreal desire is there, so hearing a game with be coming to the Nintendo Switch and PC titled, "Bear & Breakfast," where you play a bear who runs a B&B sounds absolutely delightful. A game where I play a bear who decorates a cute house and makes meals for visitors while exploring the mysteries of the forest my B&B is located in? Yes, please!

"Bear and Breakfast," isn't due to be released until 2021, so I'll need to wait for a while. In the meantime, I'll just imagine creating perfectly themed rooms for tourists while I do quests in the woods for additional fun. Just knowing someday soon I can fulfill my weird dream of running a bed and breakfast is filling me with joy for sure.

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