Monday, August 31, 2020

Who Went and Saw, "New Mutants," This Weekend Despite All Logic Saying Not To Do So?

Last weekend, "New Mutants," made 7 million dollars at the box office. This would be chump change for a major release, normally, but we are in a pandemic with a small number of theaters open and people avoiding tight indoor spaces. That makes 7 million first place. Still, how the Hell did, "New Mutants," place first with anyone who wants to be safe only possibly seeing it a drive-in theater as it wasn't available on-demand? International box offices in regions with less COVID-19 concerns make sense, but that money is the domestic take. Who actually thought, "I'm willing to brave a deadly virus to see what is by all accounts one of the crappier mutant-focused movies," and then went and did it without anyone talking sense into them?

We need to not be opening movie theaters (drive-ins aside) and we really should avoid encouraging people to put themselves at risk of COVID-19 for a movie that was in development Hell for years and could've waited another year or so to come out instead of baiting people to go out and be in danger of illness because some morons out there think COVID-19 is, "A hoax," and that wearing a mask makes them a sheep or some B.S. Despite all of this, "New Mutants," made 7 million bucks. Good for it, I hope anyone who gets ill from COVID-19 after going to a theater to see it is mocked for risking their life to--again--see a really crappy X-Men movie. I mean, at least risk your safety for something decent of the X-flicks like, "Logan," or, "Deadpool 2," you know?

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