Tuesday, August 11, 2020

I Take a Day for Surgery and a Comic Company Implodes

I can't even with this planet. I take a day off from the internet/being updated on the going-on's of everything so that I can have some surgery and a major comic company has a, "Bloodbath," of layoffs. Everything went well and I was recovering from my hernia surgery in the, "Get your bearings," room. I had messaged some friends I was okay. One mentions, "So did you hear about DC?" and I wonder what they are talking about. Well, during the 90 minutes I was being operated on, all this mayhem occurs. I can't even take 90 minutes after a bunch of days of zero interesting news for something crazy to happen when I'm passed-out for less than the running time of most movies. And boy, did the shit go down.

DC is having major layoffs, seems to be cutting back on collected editions (trades and hardcovers), eliminating the department for collectibles such as statues, and might be trimming a large number of their monthly releases. Exclusivity contracts with big-name creators are going to expire, it is crazy. I take a day off and DC comics as we know it collapses. What a World. Now then, I'm incredibly sore so I'm going to end this whine-fest and go back to relaxing with trashy reality television whilst I make sure not to bend or lift anything heavy.

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