Thursday, May 18, 2023

I Actually Kind of Like Frank Miller's Latest Artwork

I've been rough on Frank Miller before so I'm clearly not some kind of apologist for the guy. That said, Miller has mostly recanted his past hurtful statements and clarified he wasn't in a good headspace when he made them. He has also been busy with his new publishing company and the occasional work for other companies. This led to him doing some variant covers featuring Wolverine, Blade, and Moon Knight. 

I'll say the Moon Knight drawing is good and while they are abstract I dig his take on Wolverine and Blade. The internet has had folks being really harsh on the style and others defending it. I'd argue that Miller has always been one to tweak his style--for better or worse. "Dark Knight Strikes Again," was a surreal mess and looks like a totally different artist did it than, "Sin City," much in the same way Miller's take on, "Daredevil," decades ago is miles away from his stuff now. The guy tries other drawing styles out and I won't judge him for it--even if I judge him for other stuff he's said and done.

Frank Miller is like his art, constantly changing and prone to drawing incredibly divisive opinions from fans for various reasons. Miller has been called so many names over the years--both positive and negative--that I don't think he really cares what people think of these new covers. He made them and he was pleased enough with the result to submit them to Marvel for a check. In the end, Miller can laugh all the way to the bank while everyone else argues if his work is, "Good," anymore or not--so I guess he wins, as it were.

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