Monday, May 1, 2023

"Baby Don't Hurt Me," Has Me Asking if David Guetta is Out of Original Song Ideas


Is David Guetta okay? Like, is he struggling to think of original song ideas? I ask because he seems eager to find past hits and make minimal tweaks to them as if that makes a new song. A bit ago did it with his awful remake of 1998's, "Blue," featuring BeBe Rexha. That song mutilated the original by changing the lyrics about sadness to, "I'm Good," and singing about having a fun time in a dance club. Now, he's not even changed the chorus with, "Baby Don't Hurt Me." That song takes the 1993 classic, "What is Love," by Haddaway, so Guetta clearly is enjoying excavating the 1990s as of late.

"Baby Don't Hurt Me," vaguely tweaks the beat, keeps the same chorus (Anne-Marie sings it) and has Coi Leray do some mediocre rapping as the verses. Coi Leray recently sampled, "The Message," by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to create the atrociously unlistenable, "Players," but I'm starting to digress from my point of Guetta seeming to be out of original song ideas--and I don't hate sampling/remixes/etc. by any means!

I like it when a piece evokes an older tune. I've written all about, "Weaponized nostalgia," and how it can be used to take something from the past and create a cool new interpretation of a song. Guetta isn't really making anything new, however. He's just recycling old songs with the slightest tweaks and whatever flash-in-pan artists are hot right now joining him. I'm not sure why this annoys me so much. Perhaps it is how Guetta is doing the bare minimum with these songs when it comes to creating anything. He isn't sampling a tune or calling it a remix, he's just wholesale taking older stuff and acting like dusting it off and slapping a coat of metaphorical paint on it makes it new. At least, I assume, Haddaway got paid decently for this travesty.

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